Donut Run App

an easy way to order donuts on the go


Donut Run is a food-ordering app for people who want their donuts on the go.  Customers are able to select their donuts from a classic variety of flavors, ordering by the dozen.  After orders get sent to their favorite local donut shop, customers are updated in real time when it’s ready for pickup


•  Select a donut shop based on location or personal preference
•  Customize your dozen donut order
•  Place your order in just a few clicks
•  Receive real time notifications of order status
•  Save orders for easy access in the future


Enjoying donuts is one of life’s simple pleasures.  My goal was to create an app that would encapsulate the delightful experience in a user’s navigation from ordering to pickup, as well as, the overall brand identity.  Quick, fun and easy to use so customers can get their sweets in tow asap!


User Research
User Flow
Sketches & Iterations
Hi-Fi Mockups

Phase 2:  purchase by the half dozen / + donut holes / add-on options for milk and coffee